Refrigerated car maintenance and repair

As a special transport vehicle, a refrigerated truck must inspect the matters needing attention before driving to prevent unnecessary troubles during the journey. The following inspections are recommended before each loading of goods. 1. The refrigerated

A series-parallel machine tool and its error analysis

A series-parallel machine tool and its error analysis Zhao Junwei Xu Zhengao Fanguang and other kinds of series-parallel machine tools and their error analysis Zhao Junwei Xu Zhengao Fan Illumination Li Zhuzheng Miscellaneous oil shot manufacturing mistakes and the sliding of the carriage to the to

Fiber Laser Device Environment Analysis

At present, due to the relatively small market capacity of fiber laser devices, there is basically no professional development and production of fiber laser devices at home and abroad, and most of the company's product lines are very rich. Policy Analysis Laser technology is playing an increasi

Asian titanium dioxide prices fell

Due to the seasonal weakness in demand for downstream paint and coating products, coupled with sufficient supply of titanium dioxide, market participants expect that the price of Asian titanium dioxide in the market may continue to decline. A major supplier in Northeast Asia stated: “We have

Intel Micron Announces New Memory Chip

Intel and Micron said they plan to start shipping a new memory chip next year. The chip speeds up to 1000 times the current NAND flash memory chips used by most mobile devices, can store 10 times the data capacity of mainstream DRAM memory chips. The technology, called 3D Xpoint, although process