Differential Pressure Transmitter Intelligent

●Super measurement performance for pressure, differential pressure, level, flow measurement ●Digital accuracy: +(-)0.05% ● Analog Accuracy: +(-)0.75%+(-)0.1%FS ● Full performance: +(-)0.25FS ● Stability: 0.25% 60 months ● Turndown ratio: 100:1 ● Meas

JZL-213 Intermediate Relay Technical Information

JZY-200, JZB-200, JZS-200, JZK-200 (JZ-200) Series Intermediate Relays I. Overview Purpose: This series of intermediate relays is a static type relay (hereinafter referred to as a relay), which is used in power system relay protection and various automatic control lines to increase the number of

Effect of Temperature on Senecio Seeds

Senecio is a traditional Chinese medicine with a long history of application. It was born in hillside, sparse forests, forest borders, roadsides, and trenches in the grass. There are heat detoxification, insecticide, the name of the project, cooling blood, myogenic, expelling wind dehumi