Zhou Guoqiang: Plant protection market space is vast, cross-regional service is the development direction

[China Agricultural Machinery Industry News] UAV as a superior air platform, used in the military field. However, with the development of technology and social changes, drones have begun to develop rapidly in the civilian sector, especially in agricultural plant protection. No man-machine plant protection began to "fly" into the homes of ordinary people. According to relevant sources, with the expansion of land circulation, China's plant protection drone industry has a potential market of nearly 100 billion yuan.
Zhou Guoqiang: The plant protection market is vast. Cross-regional services are the development direction.
1. There is a great demand for plant protection drones in the market.
China's farmland cultivation has been adapted to mechanization, but plant protection has remained in the 1940s. It has only changed from an electric sprayer to an electric sprayer, which obviously cannot satisfy the current demands.
The traditional plant protection industry line is not separated, human medicine is not separated, and a large number of pesticide populations are poisoned every year. The large number of deaths cause the rural population to live longer than the normal population.
The rural population is hollow, and young people are working outside the home and lacking labor.
Plant protection drones have many advantages over manual work, such as high efficiency, safety, good effect and low cost.
2. The plant protection market is vast, and cross-regional services are the development direction.
It is estimated that the annual plant protection service market will reach 140 billion yuan, the whole machine and spare parts capacity will be 500 million yuan, the sales maintenance and maintenance will be 100 million yuan, the flying defense agent will be 400 million yuan, and the training will be about 10 billion.
In the future, the plant protection market will provide plant protection fee service as a major business model by professional institutions, and the whole machine sales will not be the focus.
In China, we must establish a cross-regional service platform. We will rely solely on any region to carry out aviation plant protection operations. Even if we can make profits, our profits will be relatively meager, and it will cause a lot of social workers to waste and idle.
China's plant protection system is very Chinese, the plant protection network must be regionalized, the network is nerve-stricken, and the nerve endings of the network are dropped to the local townships or villages, and the local personnel are well connected to ensure the smooth operation of the plant protection service. Carry out.
3. Industrial policy is backward, and unified defense is the future trend.
The Ministry of Agriculture of Aviation Plant Protection is very eager to do a good job, but the current industrial policy of the country is seriously lagging behind the development of the industry. At present, the development of the industry has been disordered, which is not conducive to the health promotion of the industry.
The use of plant protection drones to control the rule can establish a pesticide traceability mechanism to ensure food safety.
Plant protection drones can be equipped with on-board sensors to collect geographic information about aircraft flight, combined with meteorological information collected by ground sensors, land information, and collected in data centers for analysis. A pest prevention program can be established nationwide. In turn, it guides farmers to plant and dispatch cross-regional operations.
(Original title: Huachuang Summer Strategy will be the special minutes of the drone: Zhou Guoqiang talks about the development trend of plant protection drone industry)

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