Magna 2015 major event inventory

In 2015, the global auto parts maker Magna experienced overall revenue declines, but the overall strength has steadily increased through a series of acquisitions and global layouts. The newly built factories in India, Mexico, and China through joint ventures have already begun With the scale

Anti-jamming design of economical lathe CNC system

Starting from the aspects of noise transmission path and disturbed equipment, some methods for improving the anti-interference ability of the economical lathe CNC system are proposed, which are to suppress the noise source, block the noise transmission path, and improve the anti-interference abilit

Improvement of Vacuum Furnace Seal Structure

Improvement of Vacuum Furnace Seal Structure Core Tips: o Zhao Jinyi True Furnace Sealing Reformed Vacuum Furnace for Vacuum Sintering of Cemented Carbide Design Temperature 1600, Volume 50L, Power 50 kW. The heating element is assembled from graphite rods, and its working voltage is low (phase v