Cable type indication method and selection precautions

Cable type and order: 1: category, use 2: conductor 3: insulation 4: inner sheath 5: structural feature 6: outer sheath or derivative 7: use characteristics Items 1-5 and 7 are indicated by pinyin letters, and polymer materials are indicated by the first letter of the English name, each item can

How many pumps do you know about power saving?

1. Adopt high-efficiency energy-saving water pump and high-efficiency low-loss motor, and improve the efficiency of the transmission device. 2. Correctly select the power of the pump motor. Prevent "big horse carts". Replace the pump motor with an excessive capacity. When the motor power

How to install elevator monitoring with a bridge?

Recently, many friends have asked about the installation of elevator wireless monitoring. Today we will come to understand. Elevator is an important closed public area of ​​the building and a key channel for access to the upper and lower. Elevator video surveillance plays an importan