FPZ corrosion-resistant self-priming pump installation and use precautions

FPZ corrosion-resistant self-priming pump installation precautions:

1. FPZ plastic corrosion-resistant self-priming pump must be carefully checked before installation (because of long-distance transportation). If the fasteners are loose, the concentricity of the shaft should be re-tightened if it is loose.

2, the installation pipeline can not be directly supported on the pump inlet and outlet flanges must be provided with additional support points to prevent deformation damage. The imported pipeline should be changed to minimize the hydraulic loss of the pipeline. The 90 elbows must not exceed two. The suction pipe must not leak air. Otherwise, it will affect the vacuuming time or the discharge of liquid and flow, and the head is insufficient.

3. Open the liquid injection cover before starting the machine for the first time, fill the pump body with the liquid lead, and tighten the liquid injection cover. Do not leak air. Do not detach the liquid and reverse the liquid.

4. The pump with the bracket bearing box must be filled with cooling oil to half of the mirror surface before use. Otherwise, the bearing should be burned out and the oil should be changed regularly.

5. The conveying liquid can not have sediment or long soft fiber to prevent damage to the impeller and mechanical seal.

6, FPZ plastic corrosion-resistant self-priming pump outlet should be installed before the valve closes the valve and then shut down first and then open the valve.

FPZ corrosion-resistant self-priming pump maintenance and repair:

1. After using for a period of time, it is found that the mechanical seal end face leaks, which is caused by the end face wear. The moving ring should be adjusted to loosen the two screws of the semi-circular steel of stainless steel, suitable for forward propulsion, and the pump shaft can be rotated by hand to easily and without resistance. Good, it will cause leakage for loose, too tight and easy to wear and affect the life of mechanical seal.

2. It is more suitable to start 8~16 hours continuously every day. The spare parts for continuous operation for 24 hours shall be replaced and repaired regularly. The replacement period is generally two to three months, and the expiration shall be taken down for inspection. Does not affect production, non-continuous operation of production can be repaired at any time.

3. If the specific gravity of the conveying medium is greater than 1.2, the motor should be equipped separately, otherwise it will affect the head or cause the motor to burn out.

4, the disassembly sequence is: remove the motor, bracket, bottom plate screws, remove the mechanical seal cover, allow the water nozzle, loosen the moving ring snap ring bolt, static ring pressure plate bolt, front and rear pump cover bolts, the impeller shaft pull rod Feng Ding Loosen the screw loosely, screw out 3~5mm, hit the drawbar with a hammer, loosen the impeller, remove the tie rod, impeller and mechanical seal. When unloading the mechanical seal, it should be manually operated. It can not be knocked with metal tools to prevent damage.

5, overhaul: remove the dirt inside the pump casing, front and rear pump cover, impeller, mechanical seal assembly, and cleaned, can be used without damage, check the end surface of the mechanical seal for damage, the end face of the moving ring is worn or scratched A small amount of fine gold phase sand can be placed on the flat plate for smoothing and can be used continuously.

Belt Conveyor is the most ideal efficient continuous transportation equipment for coal mines. Compared with other transportation equipment(such as locomotives), it has the advantages of long transmission distance, large traffic volume, and continuous transportation, and it is reliable to operate, and it is easy to achieve automation and centralized control. Especially for high-yield and high-efficiency mines, belt conveyor has become a key equipment for coal mining electromechanical integration technology and equipment.
     The main feature of the belt conveyor is that the fuselage can be easily telescopic. There is a storage tank. The tail can be elongated or shortened with the Advancement of the coal mining surface. The structure is compact and can be laid without foundation. The frame is light and easy to dismantle. When the transmission capacity and distance are large, the intermediate drive device can be used to meet the requirements. According to the requirements of the transportation process, it can be transported on a single machine, or it can be combined into a horizontal or inclined transportation system to transport materials.
     Belt conveyor is widely used in metallurgy, coal, transportation, hydropower, chemical industry and other departments because it has the advantages of large transportation, simple structure, convenient maintenance, low cost, and strong versatility.
    Belt conveyor is also used in building materials, electricity, light industry, grain, ports, ships and other departments.


Belt Conveyor

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