Powerful, faulty, Weichai WP10 engine mining area "old driver" boast

The mining area has heavy load and high strength, and the equipment is running almost all day. The requirements on the engine are very strict. It is reliable and durable, and it is efficient and fuel efficient. In a large mining area in northern Ordos, Inner Mongolia, the Weichai WP10 engine won the praise of the driver's master with outstanding performance.

Ordos is a semi-arid continental climate zone in the north temperate zone. The temperature in the four seasons is extremely variable and the environment is harsh. The loader equipped with the Weichai WP10 engine mainly carries the mineral loading and the pavement leveling of the mine area, and the working condition is quite bad. Weichai WP10 engine is powerful, reliable and durable. It has three working modes of “light load, medium load and heavy load”, which can achieve win-win power and fuel economy, and effectively meet the complex working conditions of mining areas.

Weichai WP10 engine supporting the mining area loader Mining loader
Weichai WP10 engine supporting the mining area loader Weichai WP10 engine supporting the mining area loader

"Specially strong, explosive," "There is nothing wrong with it, it is a daily maintenance."... The drivers of the mining area praised the Weichai engine, which is the secret of the long-term construction machinery market and the industry leader in the industry.

Reading volume: Source: Weichai Power Author: Yue Feng

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