Specification for installation of intelligent fire water cannons in large space

The large space intelligent fire water cannon uses the spectral ray emitted by the natural combustible material during combustion, and uses the special red ultraviolet detection system to monitor the ignition source ray to detect the occurrence and existence of the fire. The advanced red UV flame detection system, central computer control system and mechatronics system are used to automatically monitor all fires in the protected area around the clock.
In the event of a fire, the device immediately starts, sends a signal to the fire control center, implements an alarm, and the fully automatic fire water cannon performs a full-range patrol scan, accurately locates, and drives the fire extinguishing device to quickly and accurately aim the spout at the fire source, and then automatically Start pumping, open the valve, spray the fire extinguishing agent to the fire point in time and accurately, and immediately extinguish the fire source that has just started burning. If there is a new fire source, the fire extinguishing device will repeat the above fire extinguishing process until all fire sources are extinguished. Then return to the monitoring state.
Installation of intelligent fire water cannons in large space places:
1. Places where there are frequent open fires;
2. There are many places where water is accelerated to burn the articles;
3. A place where an explosion occurs in contact with water;
4. There are many places where violent chemical reactions occur in water or toxic and harmful substances are produced;
5. There is a place where liquid splashes or boils due to jet flow;
6. Store places where valuables that are seriously damaged by water are stored;

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