Low Wind Speed ​​Artifact: Sany Heavy Power 2.0 Platform Mother Model Offline

On January 18th, the SE11520, a parent machine of Sany Heavy Energy 2.0 platform, successfully rolled off the production line at the Nankou Industrial Park in Beijing. It is understood that the platform is compatible with 100 to 120 meters of rotor diameter to meet the requirements of power generation and economy in different wind speed ranges, so that the low wind speed region with an annual average wind speed of 5.5m/s has development value and the number of full-year hours More than 2000 hours.

Sany Heavy Power 2.0 platform mother machine offline


Offline ceremony site

Sany Ceng Chief Engineer Dai Chinghua introduced that the off-line SE11520 model is a masterpiece developed by the Sany Heavy Technology R&D team and Europe’s top wind turbines and parts companies, with a design availability of 99%. It is one of the lightest models of its kind on the market. Thanks to its modular design, the SE11520 can also be configured with different modules depending on the environment, such as heating, dehumidification, and deicing. In addition, in order to ensure the realization of the core advantages of “high reliability” and “high power generation” of wind turbines, the key components used in this unit are proven and reliable products. At the same time, they cooperate with internationally renowned manufacturers in the technology of fan control algorithms. The whole machine control is optimized to achieve high power generation and low load of the whole machine.

Low wind speed artifact

Sany Heavy Energy General Manager Tan Bo stated that the national “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for Wind Power Development” specifies that the development of wind resources in the onshore low-velocity areas in the eastern and southern regions will become a key market, and the new installed capacity will reach 42 million. More than kilowatts, accounting for 57% of the nation's newly added grid capacity. Sany can use this "Dongfeng" to launch a new generation of low wind speed models, which will further help customers expand the wind market in low wind speed regions, and will also provide powerful weapons for their rapid occupation of the market. (This article comes from 31 clicks into the SANY Online Purchase page )

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