· Multinational auto companies are vying to push cheap electric cars in China

Ghosn predicts that in the future, the demand for small, low-cost electric vehicles in the Chinese market will usher in explosive growth. "We should be involved in this competition as early as possible because we want to continue to be a leader in electric vehicles."
Following Volkswagen's joint efforts with China's Jianghuai Automobile to launch a cheap electric car in China, the Renault-Nissan Alliance CEO Carlos Ghosn also said that the company plans to build a pure electric car for the Chinese market within two years. The price is only 8,000 US dollars (about 5,410 yuan). Not only Volkswagen and Renault-Nissan, but the Indian automaker Ma Hengda, which is not known in the Chinese market, is also targeting the huge potential of China's low-cost electric vehicle market. It is looking for partners in China to jointly launch cheap electric vehicles for the Chinese market. Get a piece of it.
â–  Really cheap! 50,000 yuan to buy an electric car
After a multinational car company sipped 50,000 yuan to buy an SUV, it would not be a problem to buy an electric car for 50,000 yuan. Ghosn did not disclose the details of the brewing cheap electric car, only that Renault-Nissan is working with Chinese partner Dongfeng Motor to develop a cheap electric car. The price range and launch time have been determined. “Our goal is to sell the car at around $8,000 before adding government subsidies. This will be a localized product. We plan to launch this cheap electric car within a few years. The Chinese government is subsidizing and Other policies to promote the development of electric vehicles to deal with environmental issues," Ghosn said.
According to the data of the China Automobile Association, the sales volume of new cars in China reached 24 million last year, of which the sales of pure electric vehicles were 247,000. Many automakers believe that pure electric vehicles still have a lot of room for growth in China. Nissan has been a pioneer in the Volkswagen electric vehicle market since 2008, and its electric vehicle sales have been among the best in the world. However, due to the high price, the competitive advantage of the wind in the Chinese market is not as good as the low-cost electric vehicles owned by Chinese local automakers BYD, Zhidou, Beiqi and SAIC.
So, what is the price range of “cheap cars” for multinational car companies? In general, they believe that the price of cheap cars is generally around 10,000 US dollars, ranging from 50,000 to 100,000 yuan; this price is obviously very attractive to Chinese consumers. Not long ago, Volkswagen Group (China) President Heizman also said at the Paris Motor Show that "in the future, Volkswagen will produce cheap electric vehicles in the electric vehicle joint venture with JAC, which will use Jianghuai's existing electric vehicle platform. And with a brand new brand to sell." Although Heizman did not disclose the car's price expectations, it is certain that the price of this electric car jointly built by Volkswagen and Jianghuai is expected to be very "close to the people."
â–  China's electric vehicle policy and market are hot
Ghosn also pointed out that thanks to the gradual decline in battery costs, the government's subsidies for car purchases for consumers and the continuous improvement of charging infrastructure, global electric vehicles are experiencing a period of rapid development. “For me, the future of electric vehicles will account for a large proportion of the entire automotive industry. This trend is obvious.” Ghosn said, “I think China’s electric vehicle sales will account for 1/3 of global sales in 2016. And pure electric cars will usher in rapid development."
Ghosn predicts that in the future, the demand for small, low-cost electric vehicles in the Chinese market will usher in explosive growth. "We should be involved in this competition as early as possible because we want to continue to maintain our leading position in electric vehicles," Ghosn said. He believes that climate change will become the most important driving factor for the growth of pure electric vehicles. "In the future, national emission regulations will play a very important role in the development of electric vehicles."

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