Vacuum equipment maintenance should pay attention to the link

1, regardless of the size of vacuum equipment are precision machinery and equipment, it is very important. Disassembly should follow the principle of gently, can not be foolhardy, must not use a sledgehammer to knock.

2, clean parts clean, thorough, in order to find problems and detect hidden dangers. Vacuum Pump products and general mechanical products are quite different, the general mechanical products more down Leng chamfer, and the vacuum pump sharp angle, it is easy to be wounded should be careful, remember. Do not pour the flute.

3, the test is a meticulous work, do not fall off every detail, any subtle place may be the problem, so there can not be lucky.

4, whether it is the use of gasoline or other solvents to clean the vacuum pump parts, must wait until the gasoline or solvent completely volatile in order to assemble. Vacuum pump oil if mixed with other oils or solvents or water will destroy its performance, affecting the performance of the vacuum pump. Rubber ring to clean, carefully check for defects and cracks, the size is correct, the wrong size will affect the seal. Where there is a rubber ring heated position, must be changed for each disassembly cleaning, such as oil booster pump each interface, the assembly of the pump also need to take lightly placed; tight force when the screws are to be tight from the corner. Dynamic seal multi-purpose shaft seal, the shaft seal to be careful, first check the shaft seal itself is flawless, the sealing surface is flat, shaft seal spring flexibility, the inner side of the shaft seal can be thinly coated with a layer of vacuum grease, the shaft seal When hard to be, the skeleton shaft seal do not pressure side, partial will leak, leak, shaft seal spring do not squeeze in, no shaft seal spring shaft seal on the failure. Pay attention to the concentricity of the shaft seal and the shaft, and some pumps are connected with the wheel. The requirements on the coaxiality of the wheel are very strict. When assembling, it should be measured from the four sides of the shaft to ensure the parallelism and consistency. Roots pump gear adjustment is the key to the two 8-type gear does not touch.

Diffusion pump wall and spray tower cleaning is best to use electricity to dry. As the domestic production of diffusion pumps mainly rely on the length of the electric wire to control the temperature of pump oil, diffusion pump oil injection on the need to consider the actual situation of the local grid to increase or decrease. Not the same size of the pump oiling amount is also different, the grid voltage low oil can be reduced by 2mm, as long as it is a clean steel ruler or wire can be used to measure. Due to differences in manufacture and use, diffusion pump oiling is for reference only.

Maintenance should not be reckoned with impatience, the failure did not find out on the assumption that the start of disassembly, the old disease has not added another new disease, the simple problem is complicated.

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Mercedes Air Suspension Kit W221 Air Spring Suspension 2213204913 2213209313


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Description: Mercedes Air Suspension Kit W221 Air Spring Suspension 2213204913 2213209313


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Warranty: 12 months


Warranty Policy: We Ship Another One if Any Problem of the Parts


Delivery: 3-7 days after receiving payment


Gross Weight: 12KG

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