What are the agricultural environmental parameters that agricultural environmental monitoring stations can monitor?

The agricultural environment has a very important role in the growth of crops. Therefore, to further increase the agricultural production potential and achieve the goal of increasing production and quality, it is necessary to use agricultural environmental monitoring stations to strengthen agricultural environmental testing and scientifically guide agricultural production. But the agricultural environment is a big concept. It does not refer to temperature or humidity alone. Therefore, the agricultural environmental monitoring station does not monitor a single environmental parameter but an integrated agricultural environment. From a more perspective, the agricultural environmental monitoring station What are the parameters of the agricultural environment that can be monitored?

Agricultural Environmental Monitoring Station

Soil moisture content, soil temperature, air temperature, air humidity, photosynthetically active radiation, wind speed, and precipitation are the most important agricultural environmental factors that affect plant growth. Therefore, environmental parameters that can be detected by agricultural environmental monitoring stations include these, and These environmental data measured by the agricultural environmental monitoring station can be transmitted to the host through a wireless network, allowing agricultural technicians to predict and analyze the changes in the environment, and thus help the agricultural people to make more sensible decisions in crop breeding, planting, fertilizing and harvesting. The decision-making to carry out more refined agricultural production activities to ensure the effectiveness of agricultural production and improve crop yield and quality.
In addition, according to the needs of users, the agricultural environmental monitoring station produced by Topsun Yunnong can also expand the monitoring of agricultural environmental parameters, in addition to soil moisture content, soil temperature, air temperature, air humidity, photosynthetically active radiation, wind speed, precipitation, etc. In addition to conventional environmental monitoring parameters, other sensors can also be used to monitor agricultural environmental parameters such as atmospheric pressure, illuminance, dew point, direct radiation, sunshine, photosynthetically active radiation, ultraviolet radiation, evaporation, and carbon dioxide. Excavation and accumulation of data can further enhance the ability of agriculture to fight disasters, scientifically adjust irrigation and fertilization operations, achieve the goal of saving water and energy, and adjust the types of crops planted according to the actual conditions of the land to realize the purpose of increasing income and development. Green high quality agriculture.

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