Accor’s cumulative sales exceeded 100,000 units this year

After winning the championship for mid- to high-end auto sales in January-July, GAC Honda Accord made another breakthrough. As of August 24th, Accor’s cumulative sales this year have exceeded 100,000, and once again stood out from the fierce competition, proving the Accord. The strong appeal and product strength. In addition, with the active promotion of the national energy-saving vehicle subsidy policy, the front-end and fit of Guangzhou Automobile Honda also performed as eye-catching, achieving sales breakthroughs and maintaining a hot demand in many regions.

The competition in the mid-to-high-end car market has a long history. Since its listing, the eighth-generation Accord has always won the favor of the market with its unique charm. In such a fierce competition, on average, almost 13,000 users choose Accord every month. Asked why the user chose the Accord, word of mouth is undoubtedly the word they mentioned most. In the new and old models change constantly, product promotion continues to emerge new, strong word of mouth is undoubtedly a magic weapon for products to remain prosperous. Word of mouth is a recognition, it is an unconditional trust. When more than 1.1 million users gave Accord the same recognition, it is enough to prove that the influence of the Accord has far exceeded the scope of a car itself.

Accord’s reputation comes from its leading technology, quality and service standards. Accord's leading i-VTEC engine, VGR variable speed ratio steering system, and six-in-one safety system allow users to feel the progress of automotive technology; Accord's rigorous construction concept and quality assurance system allows users to feel at ease. Car experience; Accord's constant upgrading of service standards, for the second consecutive year in the JDPower customer satisfaction survey among the best, so that users do not have to worry about car......

Guangzhou Automobile Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has launched sales promotions at the special sales service stores across the country on August 1st, offering a three-pronged ceremony for the majority of car users to provide test drives, replacements, and purchases. Users who come to buy cars have said that the Accord has always been their first choice for buying cars. Regardless of which aspect to consider, Accord’s performance is particularly good and trustworthy. Coupled with attractive promotions, the Accord naturally becomes the best choice for cars.

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