How do foreign wind power companies seize domestic wind power companies?

Following the launch of a price war in the solar power field and a huge loss of profits from European and American crystalline silicon solar cell manufacturers, China has begun to target the wind turbine market. China's Huarui Wind Power Technology Co., Ltd., Xinjiang Goldwind Technology Co., Ltd. and Dongfang Electric Group Co., Ltd. all rank among the top 10 in the industry, while Chinese companies are actively competing in the export market.

In the solar power market, the price of Chinese products is much lower than similar products in Europe or the United States. Some people are worried that this may depress the price of wind turbines, leading to oversupply of the solar power market and repeating the mistakes of last year.

People often complain about China's blockade of its own market, or help its exporting companies unfairly compete by providing huge subsidies and cheap loans. But at least for now, the focus of China's wind turbine manufacturers is still on the domestic market. The overseas pace of these companies does not pose a big threat to many international companies, especially considering the logistics costs needed to transport these giants.

Local Chinese wind turbine manufacturers now occupy 80% of the domestic market, and less than a decade ago, foreign companies such as Vestas, General Electric and Gamesa were major players in the Chinese market.

How to make Chinese wind power develop better?

Only when the technology of China’s wind turbines goes further, will wind power develop further. How to make wind power technology further is an urgent problem to be solved at present, otherwise it will affect the development of China's wind power industry.

After nearly two or three years of rapid development, China's wind power industry has entered a critical period of development. Now that we have basically mastered wind power technology, our experience has been continuously enriched and problems have emerged. We should now calm down, analyze problems, study problems, solve problems, and look for "bumps." The low efficiency of power generation, the lack of stability and security, and the difficulty of networking are all fatal problems in the wind power industry. Only by solving these problems can we make the wind power industry in China develop rapidly and soundly. Here we look for the root cause of the problem from the development of wind power technology to find a "breakthrough" to solve the problem.

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