Front-end monitoring equipment selection of lightning protection points

With the rapid development of the security industry, China's security monitoring market has entered a period of rapid growth, in which the video surveillance segmentation market is more obvious, and the output of video surveillance accounts for more than half of the entire security industry, and is widely used in government procurement, factories and mines, Industrial applications, transportation, etc. Most of the front-end monitoring devices are installed outdoors, and thunderstorms are prone to lightning strikes, so lightning protection is particularly important. Then, when selecting lightning protection devices for front-end monitoring equipment, what should we pay attention to? Let's take a look.
In the monitoring system, the signal line in the protected point may not need to install a lightning arrester. However, if lightning protectors are to be installed, they must not be connected to other equipotential conductors of lightning arresters, nor to ground cables. As shown below:
In the field or lightning-prone areas, the value of the lightning protector should not be less than 40 kA. Because the field environment is open and the terrain is high, the monitoring system will be more vulnerable to lightning strikes, and the lightning current will be felt. Therefore, it must be based on equipment. The lightning protection zone and its impact-resistant over-voltage category and insulation surge current value are different from each other and use different grades of lightning protection products.
In a monitoring system using a ground wire, the SPD must be common ground. As shown below:
Lightning protection device
The lightning protection device cannot be omitted. Lightning can enter or leave the line without the lightning protection device and cause damage to the device. Therefore, the lightning protection device cannot be omitted, as shown in the following figure.
Lightning protection device
Today Xiao Bian explained the points of lightning protection devices for several front-end monitoring devices. We hope that they will help everyone, and more attention should be paid to the Aomega website.

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