Rice harvest is inseparable from intelligent insect report light

Rice is the traditional and most important food crop species in China. The planting area in southern China is very wide. In the past, due to the harm of pests, the yield and quality of rice have been affected. In recent years, the application of intelligent New plant protection equipment such as the insect report light, and the successful harvesting of rice plantings in various places, are capable of achieving such high yields and are inseparable from the functions of intelligent insect report lights.

Intelligent insect reporting lamp

Compared with traditional insect observation equipment, intelligent insect report lamp is not only simple and practical, but also more environmentally friendly and efficient, and it is also more convenient to manage. Smart insect report lamp utilizes photoelectric technology to realize automatic trapping and insect killing. The functions of packing and other functions realize the visualization and on-line real-time monitoring of insect pests. It is a high-tech and new-type pest detection and reporting tool widely used in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, tobacco, tea, medicinal materials, and orchards. It is full of praise for the pest control and yield increase it brings, and it also strengthens the information of farmers' friends on these new plant protection tools.
The application of intelligent insect report lamp in rice cultivation is very prominent. On the one hand, it can monitor the occurrence and development process of pests and diseases, provide analysis and preventive measures, and on the other hand, it also has the effect of improving the environment for rice growth due to the reduction. The quantity and frequency of sun-burning pesticides have increased the quality of rice more than ever before. Not only is the output high, but also the quality is good, and the price naturally rises. Farmers really enjoy the increase in rice cultivation. The sweetness of increasing income. In order to allow science and technology to better serve agriculture, there are many plant protection devices currently used in agriculture, in addition to intelligent insect report lamp, solar energy lamp, etc. They provide high-tech services for agricultural modernization, in their common As a result, the development of eco-agriculture is thriving and shows a healthy, prosperous development.

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