Spring car maintenance two or three things

When spring arrives, after the car has passed through a winter season, it also needs to “finish” it thoroughly.

The first thing that needs to be "organized" is the circulatory system. The circulatory system consists of two parts: the oil circuit and the waterway. Experienced a winter test, coupled with the high frequency of use during the Spring Festival, the radiator of the car radiator and the condenser of the car air conditioner attached a lot of dirt and dust. The dust will cause the cooling capacity of the water tank to drop, the engine water temperature is too high, and the summer air-conditioning cooling rate is low. In severe cases, it will also cause premature damage to some automobile parts. The temperature gradually rises after entering spring, so cleaning up the dust of the car has become particularly important.

The arrival of spring also means that summer has begun to further approach us. Therefore, you still need to further consider the preparation of car maintenance, such as replacing the oil for the summer, replenishing the cooling fluid, replacing the old wipers. After all, it's hot and rainy in the summer. Doing more steps will greatly reduce the failure rate of the car in the summer and will make you more comfortable with summer driving conditions.

At the same time, you should also pay attention to the cleanliness of the car. Warmer temperatures will remind bacteria to start growing, so after a winter accumulation, if they are not clean and clean, “they” will grow rapidly when the temperature warms up, and your car will become bacteria and germs. The place greatly affects your physical health. Therefore, riding on the temperature is still in the "germination" state, and quickly to the car to a thorough cleaning, to protect their own health is the most important!

The so-called opportunity is to prepare people. Warm spring is gradually coming, carefully you care about your car, do a good job all the way to prepare for it!

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