Poor imitation instruments hinder the development of the instrument industry

Poor imitation instruments hinder the development of the instrument industry The application of instruments in our country has become more and more extensive. The market demand for instruments and meters from various industries and industries is constantly increasing. Especially in the industrial development, it has an important role and the development is even more rapid. The quality and performance of instrumentation are related to industrial safety and must be taken seriously.

In the rapid development of instrumentation in China, some issues can not be ignored, especially the problem of poor quality imitation. Although China's instrumentation has achieved a lot of development, but some domestic instrumentation enterprises behind the technology level, but also stay in the reference and imitation of foreign products stage, even within the same industry to copy each other. Some even more vicious imitation, disrupted the market order instrumentation industry, undermined the healthy development of the industry.

Illegal imitation often has a huge impact on many well-known domestic instrument brands. Some well-known instrumentation brands are favored by consumers because of their own brand influence, excellent product performance and quality, and good after-sales service. However, imitations can only be similar in appearance, and they cannot meet requirements in performance, specifications, quality, safety, etc., and become inferior imitations.

Improper imitation of instrumentation not only hurts the interests of these original manufacturers, but also harms the interests of consumers. The problems of these unqualified products are endless in application, and the performance is unstable, affecting the operation of production equipment, or failing to meet the application requirements, and there is a large potential safety hazard, which may lead to industrial safety accidents and bring harm to consumer applications. These imitations also damaged the interests of the original manufacturer and caused a huge impact on its brand building. Consumers who did not know the truth lost confidence in their products and brands.

Therefore, while the instrumentation industry is developing, it must also pay attention to and solve these problems. Only by solving the problem of poor quality imitation products, can we guarantee the enthusiasm of enterprises for the innovation of instrumentation and instrumentation, ensure the safety of consumer applications, and enable users to have more information on domestic instrumentation products, thus promoting the development of the industry.

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