Interview with Ruixin's used car manager Lei Lin

Interview with Ruixin's used car manager Lei Lin Chengdu Auto Show 2013 is about to kick off, facing fierce competition in the used car market Will the used car market continue to heat up? Today, I asked Lei Lin, manager of Chengdu Ruixin Automobile and Automobile Used Car Company, to answer for us.

Yi car network: First of all, thank Ray always accept our easy car network forwarding, can always ask Ray always introduce us to the business operation content and characteristics of Ruixin Automobile and Trade Used Car Company?

Relin: We are mainly engaged in the acquisition and sale of second-hand automobiles, and sales of mid- to low-end vehicles ranging from 50,000 to 800,000 yuan. We also deal with the incidental business of some used cars such as transfer, annual review, and purchasing. We have been pursuing personalization in our business philosophy. In our dealership we can find that the vehicle's signage and car's neatness and other aspects we strive to achieve differentiation and individualization with other car dealers. We strive to ensure the quality of our vehicles. We never choose vehicles with collisions. We do not make up any paint after we purchase them. We will show the original and most transparent side of the car to our customers. A more realistic and comprehensive understanding of used car information.

Easy car network: Can you tell us about the consumption habits and characteristics of current Chengdu used car consumers, and what are the changes now?

Relin: Consumers have always had a better reputation for Japanese cars and European cars, and they tend to choose such cars. Nowadays, local end-users are more and more cautious about buying cars, and they are becoming more and more professional. Most of them will go to 4S stores to check the maintenance records of their cars, insurance outbreak records, and even other information before the car purchase. Even some customers will understand the previous job. The owner’s profile will try to make the best use of the selected used car.

Easy car network: The used car market is currently in a booming stage. What new changes do you think this year's used car market in Chengdu has?

Relin: The current state of the used car market is: the use of file transparency and complete used car sales have obvious advantages. Because consumers are more and more cautious, and increasingly know how to choose used cars, used car consumers pay more attention to the car in the 4S shop maintenance records, insurance outbreak records and other information. Inappropriate vehicles with unsound vehicles and software, and opaque information, consumers will not choose. This is the current development trend of the used car market, in fact, it also forced more used car dealers to regulate their own purchase channels, but also promoted the standardization of the used car market.

Easy car network: Lei total you engaged in the used car industry for many years, then you think of Chengdu used car market and other areas of the used car market what are the differences and characteristics?

Relin: Actually, I read more about the shortcomings and shortcomings of the Chengdu market. Although the current scale of the used car market in Chengdu is relatively large, the operating procedures of the entire automobile market are very scattered. There are still three to five years gaps between used car dealerships in the region and car dealers in first-tier cities in Beijing and Shanghai. We also need more experience to accumulate so that we can have a complete set of sales strategies in order to achieve a sense of standardization in car sales. strengthen. Although Chengdu is one of the three major used car markets in China, the Chengdu market mainly sells mid-to-low-end cars. Shanghai and Beijing are mainly high-end cars. Their hardware and software configuration will be much better than ours. For example, in Shanghai, there is no second-hand car dealer in Shanghai that will put second-hand cars on open-air venues for sale. They all have their own showrooms. For car dealers, the hardware is actually very important, because at present, some car owners buy second-hand car will not choose second-hand car market and choose 4S shop, because 4S shop hardware facilities and the quality of employees with the current used car dealers are very large The difference is that consumers will feel 4S shop reliable. Shanghai's used car market is currently the sales model of the exhibition hall, which will give consumers a sense of scale and security.

Easy Net: Now that the scale of the Chengdu Auto Show is getting bigger and bigger, do you think that the auto show will have an impact on the used car market in Chengdu?

Relin: The auto show definitely has an impact on the used car market. First of all, it is a price shock. Because the discount on the price of new autos makes the price difference between new and used cars smaller, more people will choose new cars. However, at the same time, the auto show is also active in Chengdu's auto market, and the associated used car market will also be activated.

Easy car network: What do you think of the development trend of used cars in Chengdu?

Relin: The used car market will continue to heat up. Compared with the used car market and the new car market, I personally think that the used car market sales will exceed the new car within four years. At that time, the used car market will also be further regulated. At present, the used car market in Chengdu still lacks unity.

Easy car network: Lei total, what do you think of online marketing?

Relin: We are very focused on online marketing. I personally think that the increase in car sales has a direct relationship with online marketing, even accounting for 50% of the total. Now consumers will habitually find used car information on the Internet in advance to guide the purchase. Moreover, compared with traditional media, the network has a large amount of traffic and the price is cheaper.

Yi car network: Thank you for accepting our exclusive interview, I hope your store can develop better and better.

Relin: Thank you.

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