Demand for commercial vehicle tyres shrinks Goodyear cuts capacity at Luxembourg plant

According to reports, due to the shrinking market demand, Goodyear will implement a reduction in production at its Colmar-Berg plant in Luxembourg.

Goodyear will cancel its production business every Saturday at the Colmar-Berg plant because of the declining market demand for commercial vehicle tires . Previously in October 2012, Goodyear had cancelled the production of the Colmar-Berg plant on Sundays.

It is reported that the Goodmar Colmar-Berg plant has approximately 3,300 employees.

Goodyear spokesman Jean-Paul Bruck said that due to the high inventory, the company is currently considering further production cuts at the Colmar-Berg plant; after the cancellation of the Sunday production operation at the Colmar-Berg plant in October 2012, the Goodyear tire inventory level It began to decline, but as the market demand further shrank, the company's inventory levels also rose again.

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