Terminal pulls supporting joint power to obtain bulk orders for mining vehicles

In early May 2013, 12 YC6K12 diesel engines and 3 YC6K13N natural gas engines were successfully ignited in Pengxiang Automobile Refitting Plant. The performance parameters were completely matched with the Pengxiang Mine Dump Truck . On May 5th, 12 6K12 diesel vehicles were delivered in batches to the Mandula Coal Mine in Inner Mongolia; on June 6, 3 6K13N gas engine vehicles were delivered on schedule to Inner Mongolia Mandura. The delivery of this batch of small-batch orders is not only a model for the joint power terminal pulling support, but also a major breakthrough in the field of joint power subdivisions, signifying that Union Power has successfully entered the mining dump truck market.

As early as the beginning of 2012, under the guidance of the business strategy of “subdivision of special products, innovation and market development”, the salesmen of the joint power marketing department went deep into the Huolinhe mining area in Inner Mongolia to seek market opportunities. After more than one month of exploration and efforts, United Power signed a trial agreement with the Mandula Coal Mine to refit two K12 diesel engines with YC6K380-30. As the first matching market segment, United Power attaches great importance to the personnel assigned to the marketing department and the technical department to ensure the success of the conversion. In response to the harsh environment in the mining area, the Ministry of Technology has formulated a series of safeguard schemes for the most distressing fuel quality problems in the mining area, and has achieved great results. The vehicle nozzles and oil pumps are in use with zero failure, and the attendance rate is high. After more than half a year's trial, the two modified vehicles showed eye-catching economics and reliability, conquering the "critical" users.

At the beginning of 2013, the Mandola Coal Mine that had tasted the sweetness when it purchased a new car from Pengxiang Automobile Factory was ordered to be equipped with K12 diesel engine. This was a good news for United Power. United Power immediately communicated with the Pengxiang Automobile Factory and Mandula Coal Mine and strived to obtain orders. After repeated negotiations and technical confirmation, the Pangxiang PX40 mining vehicles ordered by the Mandula Coal Mine were all equipped with a combined power engine, and an order of 12 sets of YC6K420-30 K12 diesel engines and 3 sets of YC6K420N-30 K13N gas engines was finally achieved. Has contributed to the small batch of supporting facilities in Pengxiang Automobile Factory.

On May 5th, the Mandula Coal Mine received 12 sets of K12 diesel vehicles equipped with joint power YC6K420-30, and they could not wait to be put into use that night. Compared with last year, the depth of the pit has increased by about 40 meters this year to about 200 meters; the new dumping yard is only about 4.5 kM from the pit, which means that the slope of the vehicle when driving is heavy, and the vehicle is heavily loaded. The intensity of the next job is very high. The joint-powered K12 engine, with its large torque advantage, has greatly improved its transportation efficiency. The evening shift driver completed a total of 15 vehicles for earth transportation in the 8 hours of the day. The remaining vehicles have a traffic volume of only 11 vehicles, which has obvious advantages. In the past week, compared with the PX40 trucks with almost the same chassis configuration, the transportation efficiency of vehicles equipped with K12 engines was 40% higher than that of the PX40 trucks with single-entry transport. At Mandola Coal Mine, Mr. Li was very satisfied with the vehicle. He said: “This year, the stripping task has increased by 5 million cubic meters. Look at the performance of these vehicles and complete the stripping task!” The actual operation of the mine car driver also stated that This batch of vehicles is very adaptable to the mining area. “The car is easy to open, and it is stable under the poor road conditions in the mining area. It has strong power and is much faster than other cars!”

On June 6, three 6K13N gas engines equipped with a joint power YC6K420N-30 were also successfully delivered to the Mandula Coal Mine. Compared with diesel vehicles, gas vehicles are more green and economical and have become the trend of today's industry development, but the requirements for the use of the environment are also higher. United Power This 6K13N YC6K420N-30 engine is equipped with a horsepower of 420PS and a torque of 1950N·m to meet the power requirements of the mine operation. At the same time, the engine's fuel system is protected to adapt to the mining area by using the experience of previous diesel engines. Severe conditions. After two days of trial and comparison, drivers responded that the power of the 6K13N engine was obviously better than that of a certain domestic brand gas engine, and the climbing efficiency was high. The working efficiency was comparable to that of the diesel engine. At present, the economics of 6K13N gas engines are being further measured. The consumption of fuel for a 40-ton mine dump truck in the Huolinhe mining area is approximately 800,000 yuan a year. If the 6K13N gas engine can save fuel costs by 20% while ensuring transportation efficiency in the Huolinhe mining area, it will become extremely large. Competitive advantage will bring a broad market, and its influence will radiate to the whole country.

The traditional mining dump truck market is dominated by mechanical pump engines. The joint power 6K12 EFI diesel engine and 6K13N gas engine have undergone severe tests and are singing into the mining car market. The Huajin Peeling Company of Zahadur Mine witnessed the trial performance of United Power 6K13N, resulting in the strong willingness to use the joint power YC6K420N-30; Dongfeng Heavy Industry, Taian Aerospace, Weihai Guangtai and other automobile plants also have an intention to support the joint Power engine. From the single-end trial of the end-users to the batch support of the host plant, United Power has stepped out of the new road of exploring specialized fields, which has positive impact on winning loyal users, nurturing demonstration lines, promoting sales volume, and establishing excellent reputation. .

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