JOST saddle will be used as North American Volvo truck standard configuration

In February 2013, in Greensboro, North Carolina, Volvo North America Trucks announced the sale of the JOST saddle as a standard feature to its customers.

Frank, a product manager for Volvo Trucks in North America, said that Jost is a standard configuration that represents the company’s continued focus on safety, driver productivity, and customer value. Thanks very much to JOST's extensive product range, which helps the company adapt to the needs of different customers.

At JOST's traction saddle, there are only four moving parts, making it one of the simplest and safest saddle coupling devices in the world. Its spring-loaded steel locking bar slides into place behind the kingpin and can be used for automatic protection. Couplings on both sides of the saddle provide equal support for even load distribution on the trailer, reducing saddle wear.

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