Daimler wants to buy BAIC rights and expand its share in China

Daimler wants to buy BAIC rights and expand its share in China Two sources familiar with the plan said that Daimler hopes to buy a part of the rights of a Chinese automotive company, Beijing Automotive, to increase its share of the Chinese market.

"The investment will be conducted before the BAIC Motor's initial public offering (IPO) and Daimler will become the only anchoring investor in the automotive industry." One source said.

According to sources, Beijing Automotive Group plans to list Beijing Auto in late 2013 or 2014. Daimler may purchase approximately 10% of its equity interest in Beijing Auto before listing, and thus gain greater access to the Chinese market.

"If IPO stocks rise, Daimler will benefit," the source said.

Daimler is also seeking to obtain a board seat at Beijing Motors, but the discussion on the issue is not yet over, the person said.

Daimler declined to comment; it could not be immediately contacted by BAIC to comment.

Machining is a process that accurate to remove material by mechanical machining technology.

The main classification:
Mechanical processing have manual processing and CNC machining two types. Manual processing is means machining various materials by mechanical workers manual milling machine, lathe, drilling machine and the sawing machine and other mechanical equipment. Manual processing is suitable for small batch production, simple parts. Numerical control machining (CNC) means the mechanical workers use numerical control equipment, the CNC equipment including CNC center, milling center, wire cutting equipment, thread cutting machine, etc. The vast majority of the machining shop machining the parts by numerical control machining technology. Through programming, coordinates the parts in the Cartesian coordinate system (X, Y, Z) into a programming language, the CNC controller of numerical control machine by identifying and explain programming language to control the axis of CNC machine tools, automatic removal of material, get the part according to the requirement and finish machining. CNC machining in a way that is straight artifacts, suitable for mass and complex shape parts.

Step of working out process regulations:

1) Calculating annual production program, determine the type of manufacture.

2) Analysis part drawing and the product assembly drawing.

3) Select blank.

4) Formulation process route.

5) Determine the machining allowance of each process, calculating the dimension and tolerance.

6) Identify the equipment used in each process and cutting tool, jig, measuring tools and auxiliary tools.

7) Determine the cutting dosage and man-hour quota.

8) Determine the main process of technical requirements and test methods.

9) Fill in the process documents.

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