Hongda: Pursuing a high level of cultural development

To run a company, if the goal is ambitious and determined to be lofty, besides continuously strengthening its economic strength and expanding its scale, it should be said that the ambition of pursuing a spiritual level is a higher realm. The most direct reflection of this pursuit is reflected in the prosperity of corporate culture. HTC Hi-Tech Holdings Co., Ltd. is such a company. Since its establishment in 1985, the economic development of enterprises has been paralleled with cultural development. In the ten years since 2002, the company’s product brands have risen from provincial-level brands to national-level brands, and have transformed from a single traditional industry to a diversified, high-tech enterprise, and have leapt over listed companies. These development achievements show that HTC’s high-tech goals are at a high level. At the same time, the company's corporate culture has been carefully constructed and its ten-year cultural development has enabled HTC to create a fertile ground for its own label and provide sufficient nutrients for its growth.

Hongda Culture becomes a system of learning. Hongda’s corporate culture has become a system: In terms of employees, the company has put forward the concept of “doing well, being able to be a master, and being a master”; in terms of doing things, the company takes “fast first” The purpose of the team is to build a team based on the principle of “reaching consensus, building together, and sharing”. Under the guidance of HTC's mission of “giving new meaning to China’s wisdom,” all HTC people are striving to realize HTC’s vision of becoming an internationally renowned brand.

Starting from the production of products such as mosquito nets, shoes and fabrics, and over 20 years of development, HTC has initially formed an industry structure focusing on warp knitting, home textiles, printing and dyeing, medical devices and industrial investment. Corporate culture has played a supporting role in promoting the development and opening up a pluralistic pattern. Cultural construction is implemented on a quantifiable assessment indicator, which penetrates into the hearts of the motivated employees and manifests itself in one thing that can be seen and touched. The formation of corporate culture has given companies a common code of conduct, common values, and common mission. The infiltration of culture ultimately contributed to the improvement of the quality of employees and the improvement of corporate civilization. "National Civilization Unit" honorary title three times HTC, it is its most powerful commendation.

Detail Full Stereo HTC experienced an arduous journey from scratch to weak to strong, and corporate culture has also experienced a process ranging from fragmentation to systems and from spontaneous to self-conscious. This "soft power" provides spiritual support and wisdom support for enterprises in ensuring product quality, stabilizing their workforce, and transforming high-tech industries.

Product quality is the life of a company, and the quality of employees is directly linked to the quality of the product. Improving the quality of employees will naturally not fall on HTC's development directory. The company has a lot of operators from the rural areas, and the level of education is not high. HTC has done everything possible to improve the quality of its employees through training. Hongda specifically set up the Hongda College class at Haining TV University to provide free education for its employees. If employees are admitted to secondary school colleges, they will be able to reimburse the full amount of their tuition if they have a diploma. In addition to the daily production rules and regulations, the improvement of the personal qualities of first-line workers has undoubtedly provided guarantees for the improvement of product quality. Hongda brand fabric won the "Mayor Quality Award" in Haining last year.

HTC understands that employees are the greatest asset of the company. A stable workforce is the cornerstone of business development. As early as 2001, HTC launched the measures to ensure the bottom line of employees' family income, and the security standards have been improved year by year. The company has built more than 8,000 square meters of apartment buildings for employees to provide quality supporting facilities and humane services.

In addition, the company issued a notice specifically for the work of students with difficulties for the children of the employees, and for the children of employees with difficulties who are in compliance with the regulations and have completed the admission procedures, HTC will sponsor the full cost of its university education. Caring for employees has become an important manifestation of corporate culture, and cohesion has become the spiritual connotation of corporate culture.

Technological leadership has always been the driving force behind HTC's development, which reflects the cultural essence of “innovation and development”. Shen Guofan, chairman of Hongda Tech, chairman of the company, always puts technology research and development at the strategic height of enterprise development. While continuing to strengthen automotive interior fabrics, it also increases research and development investment in functional fabrics for sports and health care series. Vigorously develop medical textile products with broad market prospects. In 2010, HTC acquired Shenzhen Weld Medical Electronics Co., Ltd. and successfully transformed from traditional industries to high-tech industries.

Invest in "Civilized Genes"

HTC has always pursued the cultural core as its own responsibility and persisted in making contributions to the development of society. From 1999 to the present, HTC Group has invested more than 800 million yuan in the education industry. The kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high schools, and high schools that have been built are key model schools in Zhejiang Province. In 2006, HTC teamed up with Tongji University in Shanghai to establish the Zhejiang University of Tongji University.

“In the next few years of development, brands should be upgraded and management must be improved, but more important is the improvement of cultural construction, because the improvement of corporate culture construction is an eternal and important development factor. Therefore, the company’s innovation and development In the process, cultural construction is of vital importance.” Shen Guofan talked about plans for the future development of HTC.

Summarizing the 10 years that HTC has just passed, the company has developed steadily without losing its passion, and innovation has not forgotten its accumulation. The company's far-sighted strategy and low-profile and pragmatic work attitude all reveal the rationality and self-consciousness of HTC's cultural development. The cultural quality of the educated person was transplanted to the enterprise. The enterprise had a gene of civilization; then the management experience of the enterprise was transplanted to the founding school. The education business had a strategy. The two complement each Other and have a virtuous circle. This is exactly the essence of HTC's development.

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