"Quality" Leading Coal Gangue Crusher

The new development trend has been positioned, and fierce competition has thus opened the curtain. In order to develop, new technologies must be pushed forward. In this year's development, China Unio has launched a new type of can-pulper, which strives for quality and strives for credibility. Development, strive for excellence, continue to promote the replacement of equipment and expand the type and type of crusher. It is an advanced fine crushing equipment on the market. The crushed metal particles can reduce the transportation cost and increase the efficiency of cast ironmaking. It also plays an irreplaceable role in the deoxidation or metal processing of steel plants. Our quality equipment is the lifeline. Our products have passed IS09001:2000 international quality system certification. The hammer head and wearing parts are made of high-quality, wear-resistant materials and advanced processing technology to make it more durable. , well-known at home and abroad, selling the world.
The technological process far exceeds that of the industry, the product quality inspection and Control system is perfect, the innovation ability is strong, the standard is high, and the quality is firmly established. Strictly controlling the quality is the primary criterion for the development of the pressure ball equipment. The construction of the “quality” has taken the lead, fine and precise. Aggressiveness is the main driving force for development in the new century. Ono is committed to creating different types and models of ball presses to increase the service life of equipment. According to the standard and elaborate manufacturing, each production line is seriously treated, every production line of the manufacturing is strictly controlled, and the unique spirit of Uno people is upheld. With perseverance, it adheres to its dream of development and uses wisdom to create technology upgrades. , leap into the world's excellent position, play an irreplaceable role in the industry. Break the traditional manufacturing process, combine independent research and development technology, create the industry's best in the high-end industry, and consistently adhere to the construction of credit-worthy and brand-name companies.
The company's main production: can roller pulverizer press ball equipment coal gangue pulverizer cinder crusher for the 21st century for the wonderful research and development of environmental protection equipment, manufacturing success - coal gangue pulverizer, in the global economy fierce competition, Ono developed The new environmentally friendly equipment reduces environmental pollution and also makes the coal gangue also be used rationally. It not only creates high economic value, but also achieves “green win-win” of economic and social benefits. Long-term examination, careful design, bold practice, successful development and production of materials capable of easily crushing high-temperature coal gangue, shale, coal cinder, etc., expanded the scope of use of the equipment, high output, low energy consumption, can smash 20 tons per hour Above, the cost per ton of smash (electricity, wear and wages) does not exceed 2.5 yuan. The hydraulic opening and closing device requires only one person to easily open and close the cabinet. It is not only lightweight, fast, safe, reliable, easy to maintain, but also has a large investment space. It is a good investment for you. Since the establishment of the plant, Ono has been committed to the innovation and improvement of the cinder crusher technology, increased the expansion of the market and capital operation on the basis of the original technology, actively pursued a new development space, and explored cautiously and practically. The upgrading of technology will progress toward the goal of group and internationalization. It will lay the foundation for the realization of greater development of Uno and create conditions for it.

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