Annual production capacity of propylene in China reached 24 million tons in 2015

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The first seminar on diversified technology and technology for propylene raw materials will be held in Shanghai on April 26-27. The meeting will discuss topics such as the development of the domestic propylene industry and opportunities and challenges in the diversification of propylene raw materials during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period.

It is reported that the “Twelve Five Year Development Plan for Olefins Industry” announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology this year proposes that by 2015 China’s annual production capacity of propylene will reach 24 million tons and the diversification rate of olefinic raw materials will reach more than 20%. According to industry analysts, encouraged by policies and market-driven, in the coming years, China's propylene feedstock production will usher in a golden opportunity. In addition to major technologies such as propane dehydrogenation to propylene (PDH) and methanol to propylene (MTO/MTP), propylene production technologies such as olefin cracking (OCP), olefin conversion (OCT) and fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) will also be promoted. .

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