Three Ways of Wireless Bridge Relay Transmission

We know that there are three common networking modes for wireless bridges: point-to-point transmission, point-to-multipoint transmission, and relay transmission. In fact, there are also three methods for relay transmission. The following is a brief introduction of the differences between them. Wh

Talking about the Selection of Sliding Lines

Talking about the selection of the trolley wire type: How the user selects the trolley wire, mainly considering: the maximum current during normal operation, the voltage drop of the wire, the environmental conditions and the use price. Nowadays, we introduce to you the introduction of safety wire

How to Nuclear Phase on a 10kV Line

The TAG-8600 Wireless High Voltage Nuclear Phase Meter independently developed by our company is suitable for the 5V-220kV voltage range core phase. Among them, the 10kV line nuclear phase application is the most widely used. The following describes several nuclear phase methods for the 10kV line.

· Lexus registered RX450hL trademark

A few days ago, the domestic media revealed that Lexus registered the RX450hL trademark in China, which further proves that the Lexus RX model will launch a long-wheelbase version in the future, and the model is expected to adopt a seven-seat layout. Recently, the trademark registration of the â

Gasket machine

PU seal and gasket making machine can be perfect sealing according to the CAD graphic or graphics in the system, automatic foaming through chemical reactions, surface smooth, beautiful, strong resilience, waterproof, dustproof performance is good, the seal protection grade is high sealing s