Interview with Ruixin's used car manager Lei Lin

Chengdu Auto Show 2013 is about to kick off, facing fierce competition in the used car market Will the used car market continue to heat up? Today, I asked Lei Lin, manager of Chengdu Ruixin Automobile and Automobile Used Car Company, to answer for us. Yi car network: First of all, thank R

Tips for using the sprinkler

  The purpose of the sprinkler is to sprinkle water on the road surface and flush the road surface to remove dust and clean the road surface. In addition, it is also used to irrigate flowers and trees used for greening, to increase the use of water for co

How does WeChat feel its trust?

Wechat's communication is based on the dating culture. WeChat can import your QQ friends and can import your phone contacts. It can help you find the people around you, and it can help you achieve a variety of interactive forms such as voice,

Global Container Throughput in the Second Quarter

  In the second quarter, under the background of the slow recovery of the external economies around the world, countries have been stimulating domestic demand through the promotion of consumption and investment guidance to stabilize the production of port containers. In the quarter,

How to maintain the summer garbage truck

How to maintain the summer garbage truck Summer garbage truck maintenance is very important, because summer is very heavy, I believe that citizens do not want to see a strange smell of garbage trucks running around the city. Garbage truck drivers are parti