Tips for using the sprinkler

  The purpose of the sprinkler is to sprinkle water on the road surface and flush the road surface to remove dust and clean the road surface. In addition, it is also used to irrigate flowers and trees used for greening, to increase the use of water for co

Why Modern Bridges Cause More Suspension Bridges

Compared with axial tension, bending is an extremely low-efficiency bearing. To a certain extent, improving structural efficiency is to convert bending into tension or pressure as much as possible. If you can do as much as possible to reduce the weight of the structure, it would be even mo

The first crew skills competition was held in Qingdao

The cable was thrown up to 40 meters by hand, and the lifeboat was only 1.7 meters in 17 minutes. Yesterday, Shandong Province’s first crew skill competition was held in Qingdao. From the 17 port and shipping units and maritime colleges in the province, there were more than 200 crew represen

High altitude truck

China Automotive Networking Aerial Work Vehicles Columns are listed in the China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology High-altitude Vehicles Automotive Bulletin All 5 Categories 93 Manufacturers 81 Aerial Work Vehicles Brands 1290 Aerial Work Vehi

Rescue fire truck

China Automobile Network Rescue Fire Fighting Vehicles Column Including China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Rescue Fire Fighting Vehicles Automobile Bulletin All 4 Categories 23 Manufacturers 25 Rescue Fire Fighting Engine Brands 184 Rescue