The quality of the country’s equipment plays the most important role in the “two sessions” of Futian Ouhui

It is a year of spring green, and it will be another two sessions a year. What kind of policy dividends will be brought to the people's lives in the two national conferences in 2017 will be a focus of attention from all walks of life. Similarly, as a member of the series of service guarantee vehicles during the current two sessions, Futian Ouhui once again took advantage of the experience of serving major international conferences such as the APEC meeting and the Hangzhou G20 summit to once again enter the two conferences and assume security during the two sessions in 2017. Guarantee the responsibility of the car.

Futian Ouhui two sessions of the most - top rated

Serving two sessions, Futian Ouhui was a pioneer in 2005. During the “two sessions” period in 2005, 30 45 Futian Ouhui buses passed the inspection and acceptance and became special service guarantee vehicles for the representatives and members of the two associations. At this point, for the first time in the buses serving the two National Conventions, there was a "Made in Beijing" bus.

As the first Futian Ouhui passenger bus serviced in the National Two Conferences, the conference cars are simple and elegant in appearance, luxurious and generous, with soft and natural interior colors. All the components are carefully designed and produced with the utmost care. The comfortable ride experience left a deep impression on the rider. Therefore, Futian Ouhui Bus has won praise from delegates and committee members for its high performance, safe and comfortable riding environment.

Futian Ouhui two sessions of the most - the most glorious

In 2008, it was a glorious year for Futian Auhui. This year, Foton Ouhui Bus has successfully completed the transportation tasks of the two delegations and provided comprehensive support services for the NPC delegations in Sichuan and Zhejiang.

In addition, during the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Futian Ouhui provided 1,000 new energy buses to provide all-round protection for the transfer services of athletes and volunteers of various events; at the same time, the hydrogen fuel cell electric bus developed by Futian Ouhui was successfully completed. The task of serving cars for the 2008 Beijing Olympics men's and women's marathon competitions demonstrated the high-tech and strong capabilities of Chinese passenger cars to the world, highlighting the glory qualities of Futian Ouhui Bus.

Futian Ouhui two sessions of the most - the most awesome

Service two sessions, Ou Hui first; for the country, quality first! In the two national conferences in 2013, Futian Ouhui was successfully selected to serve as a service guarantee vehicle for the two associations with its good performance in day-to-day service operations, as well as its excellent stable quality and excellent driving performance, as well as a complete service guarantee system.

At the same time, in order to better protect the two sessions of the country, Futian Ouhui also made full preparations for service personnel and spare parts reserves, formulated a number of programs, and combined with common faults in actual operations to prevent sudden failures. It took place and successfully fulfilled all the transfer tasks during the two sessions, and was highly recognized by all sectors of society.

Futian Ouhui two sessions the most - the most secure

During the two conferences in 2017, Futian Ouhui BJ6129 all-car passenger bus once again assumed the task of serving the “two sessions” all-weather service, escorting the safety and security personnel and related materials during the two sessions, and ensuring the smooth convening of the “two sessions” with “safety and quality”; Do a good job of “heroic heroes behind the scenes”. Futian Ouhui BJ6129 passenger coaches of the two services passed the rigorous inspection of Ouhui technical experts to ensure that the vehicles are absolutely safe.

Futian Ouhui BJ6129 deluxe intercity bus, which adopts a full-loaded body, has excellent performance in impact resistance and distortion resistance. It is regarded as the bus body structure with the highest safety performance today, and a newly developed luxurious seat is adopted. With a superbly crafted Spanish luggage rack and one-piece front and rear roofs, it creates an aviation-grade experience. The perfect combination of the safety and comfort of Futian Ouhui BJ6129 passenger car has sent a “National Priority” to the security personnel of the two associations. "Safety protection.

From 2005 to 2017, Futian Ouhui had a good quality and a long-term career. His Futian Ouhui bus has won a good quality reputation again and again thanks to his outstanding technical strength, mature and perfect service experience and dedication. In the future, Futian Ouhui will continue to uphold the spirit of craftsmanship, lean manufacturing, and brand quality for the “National Machine”.

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