In Guangdong, to buy an excavator, what models are worth recommending?

Guangdong is China's largest economic province with its GDP ranking the first in the country for 29 consecutive years. However, the province's demand for excavators does not match the status of the first economic province. According to the statistics of China Construction Machinery Business Network, in 2017, the sales volume of excavators in Guangdong Province was approximately 3,900 units, ranking only 16th in the domestic provinces. So in Guangdong, which excavators sell well? If you want to start an excavator, what models are worth recommending? Let's take a look at the most common choices in the local market in 2017.

In terms of sales volume, Sany, Caterpillar, Komatsu, XCMG, Liugong, and Shanhe Intelligence are relatively popular brands in the region. Compared with other provinces across the country, domestic brands in Guangdong Province are more popular. In 2017, the cumulative sales volume of Sany excavators in Guangdong Province was approximately 870 units, accounting for 22% of the total sales; Caterpillar sold approximately 560 units, Komatsu approximately 450 units, Xugong approximately 430 units, Liugong approximately 340 units, and Shanhe Intelligence approximately 250 units. station.

From the tonnage point of view, 5 ≤ a ≤ 6 is the tonnage segment with the largest sales volume in Guangdong Province. The sales volume of 1,260 units accounted for about 32% of the total sales, followed by the 19.5<a ≤ 24.9 ton range, and the sales volume was approximately 620 units, accounting for 16%. Again for the 6 <a ≤ 13 ton range, sales of 530 units, accounting for 14%; 30 ≤ a ≤ 34.9 and 35 ≤ a ≤ 39.9 two ton sales are more than 380 units, each 10%.

Let's look at the best-selling models. In 2017, there were six models in Guangdong Province that sold over 100 units, including Xugong XE60D , with sales of 217 units; Sany SY75C-10 , sales of 194 units; and Sany SY55C-10 , 169 units. ; Shanhe intelligent SWE60N9 , 161 units; Komatsu PC360-8 , 153 units; Caterpillar 305.5E2 , 108 units. In addition, Liugong CLG906D , Caterpillar 336D2 and Sany SY60C models have sold more than 90 units.

In addition, excavator users in Guangdong Province are still more concerned about the following models on the Internet (iron arm mall): Trinity SY60C , Caterpillar 306E , Caterpillar 307E , Xinyuan XY90 , Komatsu PC70-8 and so on.

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