LED is difficult to start in January or February or welcome the industry's "most sad" time

Although the news of LED business owners running from time to time is still coming, the total output value of the LED industry has achieved more than 30% growth this year. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the 2012 Gaogong LED Conference that at the end of this year, the total output value of the LED industry is expected to reach 205.9 billion yuan (the total output value in 2011 was 154 billion yuan). Zhang Xiaofei, CEO of Gaogong LED, revealed that the domestic upper, middle and lower reaches industries The number of enterprises in the chain has risen from 220 last year to 300, but the polarization of the whole industry is serious. Some enterprises have achieved 200 growth, and some enterprises are facing the edge of elimination.
The industry is approaching the LED industry is coming out of the trough? Zhang Xiaofei judged that January to February next year is the coldest and most difficult time in the industry. He expects that there will be less than 30 epitaxial chip companies next year, and three domestic MOCVD equipment manufacturers will Appeared, but there will be no product sales, the packaging factory will be closed 20, the downstream display business will be closed faster, the penetration rate of LED downlights and spotlights in the domestic market will exceed 30, LED lighting industry sales may reach 10 100 million yuan.
Moreover, the situation of oversupply in the industry is still increasing. Zheng Tiemin, general manager of Shandong Inspur Huaguang Co., Ltd. pointed out that the LED industry had an oversupply in 2011. By 2012, there was a serious oversupply and a large number of enterprises were limited in production, stopped production, closed down, closed down, and even the boss was running. It is foreseeable in the future. In the year, there will be a phenomenon of closed production, asset restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, and new projects.
Zheng Tiemin said that some entrepreneurs only pay attention to immediate interests. Some enterprises do not get policy subsidies and preferential policies, and they go to the overseas market to expand production because they have seen the urgency of attracting foreign investment from foreign governments. These factors have all contributed to the oversupply of the industry.
And the huge investment that swarmed directly triggered the price war. Wang Lianghai, vice president of Tongfang, pointed out that in the past few years, the investment in LED upstream chip field has been huge, the price has dropped to 30 in 2010, the performance index has doubled in 2010, and the average price in the packaging field has dropped by 40 compared with 2010. The performance is also improving, but relatively slow, the price of terminal application products is also falling, the original 300 yuan product is consistent with the basic performance of the current 200 yuan LED products.
In order to break through from the current market, Zheng Tiemin believes that the implementation of product differentiation strategy can alleviate the pressure brought by price wars, and should pay attention to research and development and production of high-end products and improve product quality. He also said that the merger of LED companies is also an important direction.
The e-commerce channel is gradually gaining attention from the industry. In terms of scale expansion, the LED industry has also begun to focus on emerging channels. Zhang Ming, director of Xinli Light Source, said that the traditional channel burns too much money, and whether it can be successful or not, he is now particularly advocating e-commerce, which is considered to be a very good channel for the LED industry.
Zhang Ming pointed out that in the traditional channel, the cost of a 20-yuan product to a chain sales terminal is about 60 yuan, which is three times the cost price. Even if the company opens its own store, the price is at least double the cost. Good control, using online and offline cooperation, is an opportunity for LED companies. Zhang Ming said.

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