Ultrasonic flowmeter failure

Ultrasonic flowmeter failure What are the common faults in the use of ultrasonic flowmeters? The principle of ultrasonic detection of signals can be divided into the differential propagation velocity method (direct time difference method, time difference method, phase difference method, and frequency difference method), beam offset method, Doppler method, cross correlation method, spatial filter method, and Noise law. Is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, water supply and drainage and other fields.

1. If there is no display after the meter is turned on, check whether the fuse is blown and whether the power supply is used properly.

2. After the power-on, the instrument has no character display. It may be a problem with the program chip that needs repair.

3. If it is impossible to work under strong interference in the field, you need to be far away from the inverter and strong magnetic field to ensure stable power supply and good grounding.

4. When the transient flowmeter fluctuates greatly, it may be due to factors such as large fluctuations in signal strength or large fluctuations in the measured fluid. You can adjust the position of the probe first, increase the signal strength, or reselect the measurement point to ensure that the 5D condition of the first 10D is required.

5. The diameter of the clamp type flowmeter is too large and the scale of the pipeline is serious, mainly due to the incorrect installation method. It is best to use a plug-in probe or choose a "Z" type mounting method.

6. If the probe signal of the plug-in type ultrasonic flowmeter is lowered or the surface scale is thick, the position of the probe needs to be adjusted, and the surface of the probe with thick scale on the probe surface is cleaned.

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