Jilin Petrochemical Condensation Drying Unit Stops Overhaul

Chinese dried Reuters December 12, Jilin Petrochemical Company 180,000 tons / year ABS plant key unit - condensation drying unit shut down for maintenance. This overhaul solved the hidden problems found in the production of 18 devices and created conditions for the stability of the device. The pic

Artificial Neural Network for CNC Machine Brain

A neural network is an operation model consisting of a large number of nodes (or neurons) and interconnections between them. Each node represents a specific output function called an Activation Function. The connection between each two nodes represents a weighted value for the signal passi

Ultrasonic flowmeter failure

What are the common faults in the use of ultrasonic flowmeters? The principle of ultrasonic detection of signals can be divided into the differential propagation velocity method (direct time difference method, time difference method, phase difference method, and frequency difference method

Guangzhou: No standard car all day limit

Phase III Environmental Protection Starts on the 15th of this month The Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau officially issued the "Circular on Implementation of the Third Phase of the Use of Vehicle Environmental Protection Marks to Limit Access Management" (hereinafter r

Great Wall: Global Economic SUV First, Pickup First

In recent days, Great Wall Motor once again reported that the Great Wall Motor sold 64,000 Great Wall Motors in November, an increase of 23.4% year-on-year and an increase of 10.9% from the previous quarter; exports included 8274 vehicles. Among them, Haval SUVs sold 29,400 vehicles, an in

A 13-year-old girl sleeping on a heater and sleeping

Electric heater to warm the sleeping 13-year-old girl almost died in flames sea diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2013-01-09 At 16:30 on January 7th, a sudden fire broke out in Room 702, Unit 4, Unit 15, Building A, Zone A, Jingyuan Road. At that time, there was only a 13-year-old