How to extinguish fire safety motorcycle

Fire extinguishing equipment is used on many occasions. Today, when water resources are increasingly precious, we must select equipment that can fully exert the role of water resources when selecting fire extinguishing equipment. So, a fire motorcycle is a good choice! Compared with traditional f

Case analysis of major meteorological disasters in mines

Meteorological disasters are objective facts that people cannot predict. However, the responsible persons at all levels of the mining enterprise can deal with all kinds of complicated meteorological disasters by learning lessons from the disasters that have already occurred and preparing for emerge

The effect of flotation foam on flotation

         The flotation process is carried out in three phases of solid-gas liquid. The amount of foam, the stability of the foam layer, the thickness of the foam layer, the size of the bubble, and the bubble structure are all directly affecting the flotation index. First, the foam la

Iron ore beneficiation - gravity dressing

Gravity ore dressing is referred to as re-election. Reselection is classifying the iron ore, in particular, is an important method of weakly magnetic iron ore beneficiation. Generally, it can be divided into heavy medium beneficiation, jigging beneficiation, trampoline beneficiation and chute benefi