Research shows that video games help the elderly to be sensitive

The Nature Journal published a research report on the 4th that video games can help prevent cognitive decline in the elderly.
Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, have designed a new kind of video game that shows healthy elderly people whose brains are more elastic or more adaptable than they would normally think. This kind of nerve racing game requires the player to operate the car at a fast speed on the curving road and avoid the road signs successively pulled out. Drivers must pay special attention to certain road signs, and press a designated button when such road signs appear, thereby training the age-old, often impatient, multi-purpose ability to decline.
The researchers recruited volunteers between the ages of 60 and 85 to provide them with a 12-hour training on a laptop computer during a month. By the end of the training, these silver-haired people's video game skills are no less favourable than the 20-year-olds who played the game for the first time. Six months later, their skills are even more familiar with young people. This skill not only strengthens their ability to use as much as they can, but their memory and ability to stay focused also improve significantly.
During training, these elderly people wore hats with sensors to measure the activity of various parts of the brain. They also discovered an important electronic signal emitted by the anterior brain and its connection with the anterior and posterior parts of the brain. Significantly strengthened. As their game skills progressed, their brain network activities continued to strengthen, further confirming that they were able to focus more on one mind and more use.
Emil Toescu, an experimental neurologist at the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom, said that previous studies have long shown that the brain of the elderly can still learn and improve. The problem is that cognitive enhancement is usually limited to repeated Work, such as some elderly figures or literary skills is particularly strong. He said that the new research shows that providing some kind of multi-purpose training can strengthen the ability to do more than one job, that is, the improvement of mental ability can affect other cognitive areas. Los Angeles added that Adam Gazzaley, an assistant neurology professor who chairs the research, has co-founded the company to develop a new generation of neural racing video games.

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