Summer corn sowing technique suggestion

First, prepare before broadcast
1. Select fine varieties: such as Zhengdan 958, Nongda 108, Linao 1, Denghai 9, Yongyu 2, etc.
2, drying before sowing. It can kill seeds and increase germination rate.
3, seed dressing before seeding. The use of fungicides or pesticides seed dressing, mix and cool dry hair can be sown. For mixed areas of underground pests and corn diseases, mixed dressings are recommended. Insecticides are mixed with the seed dressing, dried and mixed with fungicides.

Second, sowing
1. Advocate the use of no-tillage sowing techniques, that is, shovel seeding techniques. This type of sowing is provincial, time-saving, and labor-saving. It does not require ploughing, reduces soil erosion, saves the cost of arable land, and increases planting efficiency.
2. When sowing, the sowing volume is generally controlled at 1.5 to 2.5 kg, sowing depth is controlled at 3 to 5 cm, sowing seedlings is too weak and weak, and lightness is not easy to emerge. While sowing, apply a certain amount of fertilizer as a seed fertilizer. If 15 kg per kilogram of potassium carbonate is applied as a seed fertilizer at the time of sowing, corn stalk rot (also known as bacterial wilt) can be effectively controlled. The diseased plant leaves are dark gray-green, with premature senescence and death at the late stage. The ear is drooping and often causes lodging. Therefore, applying a certain amount of fertilizer can not only promote the growth of seedlings, but also prevent and control diseases.
Third, timely watering
The sowing of corn husks is also called robber sowing. Generally, the soil temperature is small. Watering should be timely after sowing to supplement the soil moisture so as to supply enough water for seeds to ensure normal seed germination and seedling emergence.
Fourth, control the growth of weeds
General chemical control, manual control, supplemented by high efficiency and low residue, no side effects of the spray. The best effect is to spray evenly when the ground is wet within three days.
Fifth, suitable time seedling, Dingmiao
After the emergence of corn, the seedlings should be early, Dingmiao should be late. When 3 to 4 leaves are inoculated, the seedlings must be kept in time, leaving two strong seedlings per hole; in 6 to 7 leaves, the seedlings should be seedlings, and the number of mu leaves should be controlled flexibly according to the variety. Such as Zhengdan 958, should be dense planting, 4000 ~ 45000 acres of planting strains; Nongda 108 suitable for sparse planting, 3000 ~ 3500 acres of retained seedlings; Linao No. 1 mu left about 2800 strains. When setting seedlings, weak seedlings, self-crossed seedlings, and diseased seedlings are to be kept, leaving seedlings that are high in height, fine in consistency, and sturdy in stems. Change seedlings into seedlings. If you have seedlings, you can leave two plants before and after. The timing of seedlings and seedlings is controlled at 4 pm on sunny days, and the weak seedlings of the pests are susceptible to wilting after sun exposure for easy identification.
Sixth, control of seedling pests and diseases
1. Laodelphax striatellus and aphids are corn-borne insects. They are sprayed with 50% phoxim or 1000 times metaphorone EC.
2, control of corn virus disease in the corn one leaf one heart period, with 1.5% of diseased Ling II 800 to 1000 times the liquid, spray every 7 to 10 days, followed by 2 times, on both sides of the blade spray.
3, the occurrence of armyworm, control of the barley bite, once the mu with 2.5% trichlorfon powder sprayed with 2.0 to 2.5 kg or 50% phoxim 800 times spray, while curing caterpillars, cotton bollworm Other pests.

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