The valve industry ushered in healthy competition

In the next five years, Sinopec Valves will be the main demand, especially the production technology of high-temperature and high-pressure valves, cryogenic and ultra-low temperature valves, corrosion-resistant stainless steel valves, and the transmission of viscous medium and stainless steel ball valves with solid particles will develop rapidly and the demand will increase. Increased in magnitude.

Automation is the future development direction The development trend of automated valves is an opportunity for domestic companies to develop, but the domestic valve industry should recognize that the export value of automation valves is still less than 5% of the total output value, and the import amount is equivalent to the total output value. It shows that the gap in demand for automated valves in China is not small, and there is still a big gap between the products in terms of technology and quality and foreign countries, and it cannot fully meet the needs of the domestic high-end market. Therefore, valve companies must firmly grasp the opportunities for the development of automated valves and increase market share and product quality. Under the conditions of rapid economic and social development, automation will be an inevitable trend in social development. Therefore, valve companies must keep up with the general trend of social development in order to remain invincible in the market competition.

The complete set and standardization are the trend of development With the progress of social industry, petrochemical and other industries' demands for valves and other products have also presented a trend of professionalism, standardization, large-scale, and complete sets. At the same time, energy-saving requirements have become higher and higher. Valves will also usher in new opportunities and transitions due to the integration of electromechanical valves. The demand for electromechanical valves in the market is starting to increase. The market still has room for potential development, but at the same time, the quality and requirements of the products will increase. . Although the development of the valve industry has been relatively stable for a long period of time, there is still unregulated competition in the industry, which poses a serious safety risk to the project quality and seriously disturbs the market order of the valve.

As the market matures and the law develops soundly, the competitive environment facing the valve industry in the future will become more benign. Due to the industry’s more specialized product requirements and the increasing awareness of energy conservation in the entire society, the valve industry will develop in two directions. First, it will develop from a single species to multiple varieties and multiple specifications, and second, it will develop in the direction of energy conservation. Therefore, in the future, the valve industry will move toward the two major companies and this will determine the trend that all valve manufacturers will provide.

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