·2014 vehicle import and export of spare parts

In 2014, the import and export of automobiles was completed. The data of the General Administration of Customs released recently showed that the import of automobiles (including chassis, the same below) was 1.42 million units, up 19.3% year-on-year; the amount was 60.77 billion US dollars, up 24.4%

Beijing dense fog a number of highway closed

In the early morning of this morning, the dense fog in Beijing did make people fall in fairyland. The Municipal Meteorological Observatory issued an early warning of heavy fog at 5:10. It is expected that fog will appear in most parts of Beijing by 10:00, and the visibility will be below 2

International paint market recovery in the end market

Although the price of titanium dioxide and other raw materials continues to rise, the paint industry still faces considerable pressure for profitability, but due to the signs of a recovery in the North American construction industry and the strength of the industrial end markets (especially the au