Jp26A Water Tank Fire Rescue Vehicles for Sale

Model NO.: JP26A
Fuel: Diesel
Drive Wheel: 6×4
Horsepower: 251-350hp
Condition: New
Model: Jp26A
Engine Power/Kw: 309
Overall Dimensions: 11520×2500×3960
Wheel Base: 4600+1350
Trademark: YRX
Transport Package: Nude
Specification: CE, ISO
Origin: China
HS Code: 8716311000

Technical Features

The folding boom structure features large operation range and powerful obstacle crossing capability. 

Optional fire site monitoring device. 

The unstable outrigger alarm and the boom limit device are fitted. 

The emergency power unit is fitted. 

The superstructure and undercarriage interlocking device is fitted. 

Water pump supply system is fitted. 

Remote control fire monitor is fitted

Jp26A Water Tank Fire Rescue Vehicles for Sale

Performance Parameters

Chassis HowoZZ5347V4647D5
Engine power/kw 309
Drive mode 6×4
Top traveling speed kw/h 90
Wheelbase/mm 4600+1350
Rated working height/m 26
Maximum working range/m 14.3
Extending time of outriggers/s  ≤30    
Extending time of boom/s  ≤90  
Model of water pump CB12/60-TB
Water pump flow/pressure L/S 60
Water monitor name/model PLKD48
Water monitor flow L/S 50
Water monitor range (water/foam)/m ≥65/55 
Tank capacity (water + foam)/kg 8000+2000
Overall dimension/mm 11520×2500×3960
Fully loaded weight/kg 32100
Passenger capacity 2+4


Refrigerated Truck

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CLW GROUP TRUCK Refrigerated truck introduce

CLW GROUP TRUCK Refrigerated truck brief introduction

CLW GROUP TRUCK Refrigerated truck Structure:

Refrigerator car by walking part of the special purpose vehicle chassis, and heat insulation box body (generally consists of polyurethane materials, glass steel, color steel plate, stainless steel, etc.), refrigeration units, inside temperature recorder, etc. components, for the special requirements of the vehicle, such as meat hook car, installed with a meat hook, waist, the guide rail of aluminum alloy, ventilation slots and other optional.

CLW GROUP TRUCK Refrigerated truck Production technology of refrigerated compartment:

1, divided into pieces of "sandwich" plate bonding type, the domestic large refrigerated truck manufacturers are using this technology, the use of this technology to produce a high thermal insulation performance of refrigerated cars.

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2, divided into assembly of injection foaming type.

3, the whole skeleton injection foam type.

4, vacuum adsorption paste

CLW GROUP TRUCK Refrigerated truck Classification of refrigerating units:

Refrigerating unit is divided into non independent refrigeration unit and independent refrigeration unit. Domestic and imported units, etc.. General models are used in the external cooler, a mini refrigerator car with built-in refrigerator. For the lower temperature requirements of refrigerated vehicles, can be taken to the car body cold plate (equivalent to the function of the evaporator).


According to the chassis manufacturer classification: Dongfeng refrigerator car, Changan Star refrigerator car, Qingling refrigerated trucks, refrigerated truck Jiangling, Jianghuai refrigerated trucks, Beiqi Futian refrigerated trucks

Semi Trailer

According to the bearing capacity of the chassis classification: Micro refrigerated trucks, small refrigerated trucks, medium-sized refrigerated trucks, large refrigerated trucks

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The container of the sealed refrigerated truck needs to be strictly sealed to reduce the heat exchange with the outside, so as to ensure the lower temperature in the refrigerator.

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The refrigeration equipment is connected with the container and provides a steady stream of refrigeration to ensure that the temperature of the container is in the range of the goods permitted.

Portability is generally used in refrigerated trucks transport goods are not for a long time to save the items, although there are refrigeration equipment, still need to quickly reach the destination.

A container similar to a heat insulated refrigerated truck is made of a material with better heat insulation effect, and the heat exchange is reduced.

CLW GROUP TRUCK Refrigerated truck Key equipment

1 refrigeration vehicle refrigeration unit

Refrigerated trucks refrigeration unit: for refrigerated container trucks to provide a steady stream of "cold" is an important equipment, generally installed in the container to the top of the front, air conditioning like appearance, but than the same volume of air conditioning has stronger refrigerating capacity.

Refrigeration unit is generally divided into two, independent type units and non independent type units. The difference lies in the independent unit completely by another unit to generate electricity for the maintenance work, non independent unit is completely through the work of the vehicle engine power to drive unit of the refrigeration work.

CLW GROUP TRUCK Refrigerated truck Carrier unit

Selection of refrigerating unit of refrigerated truck

According to the volume of refrigerated compartment and transport of goods to the requirements of the temperature, to choose a different power refrigeration unit.

2 refrigerated truck insulation body

The refrigeration unit of the refrigerated truck is used for temperature control, and the effect of the box body is used for maintaining the temperature. If the chiller is the provider of energy, the compartment is the storage of energy. In the three parts of the refrigerated truck, the refrigerating unit and the heat preservation box body are the most important, the removal of the chassis can be used as a small heat preservation, cold storage.

Selection of thermal insulation compartment

Body selection generally follow a few points: good thermal insulation performance, light weight, not easy to damage.

Refrigerated Truck

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