2.2HP High Vacuum Blower Pumps in Vacuum Cleaner System

Model NO.: 610H06
Protection Class: IP55
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Color: Customized
Trademark: REXCHIP
Transport Package: Packed in Carton, Then Protected by Wooden Pallet
Specification: CE
Origin: Zhejiang, China
HS Code: 8481809090
Model Stage Frequency Power Voltage Current Airflow Vaccum Compress Noise
    HZ KW V A m3/h mbar mbar dB(A)
610  H06 Single 50 1.6 200-240Δ 345-415Y 8.5Δ/4.9Y 270 -180 190 67
60 2.1 220-275Δ 380-480Y 8.8Δ/5.5Y 315 -200 190 70

The advantages of Rexchip blowers: 
1. 100% oil free, Insulation class is F, Protection class is IP55.
2. Dual frequency 50HZ and 60HZ are available
3. Made of die cast aluminum ADC12.
4. Dual usage: compressor and vacuum (suction and blow).
5. Virtually maintenance free, with sealed long life bearings.
6. Smart design and low noise
7. ATEX explosion proof motor is available for all the blowers. We are the only manufacturer of blower which has the authorization to produce ATEX explosion proof motor. 
8. IE2 and IE3 motor are available for some blowers. 
9. Good quality and competitive prices. 
10. Quick delivery date. 

Application of Rexchip blowers/pumps:
Our blowers are widely used in the following applications.
1. Aquaculture (fish and prawn pong aeration)
2. Waste water treatment, sewage treatment system.
3. Pneumatic conveying systems.
4. Pharmaceutical machinery
5. Garment machinery
6. Wood working machinery
7. Plastic machinery
8. Printing machinery
9. Textile machinery
10. Packaging machinery
11. Garment machinery
12. Paper processing.
13. Industrial cleaning machinery
14. Air knives
15. Dental suction equipment / dental vacuum pump

Our workshop: 
2.2HP High Vacuum Blower Pumps in Vacuum Cleaner System
Our Exhibition: 

2.2HP High Vacuum Blower Pumps in Vacuum Cleaner System

Our certification: (CE, ISO & CCC)

2.2HP High Vacuum Blower Pumps in Vacuum Cleaner System

2.2HP High Vacuum Blower Pumps in Vacuum Cleaner System

The instruction for Rexchip blowers:

The team of Rexchip has focused on this kind of blower for more than 15 years. We only produce side channel blowers, it's also called ring blower, regenerative blower, air blower, vacuum pump etc.. We also supply belt drive blowers and all the parts for this kind of blower. The range of the power for our blowers is from 0.12kw to 30kw. 

Each production procedure is operated in our own workshop, tooling making, die casting, stamping, high precision machining, assembling and automatic spraying, so we could control the quality, cost and delivery date better.


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