What is the difference between a biochemical incubator and an ordinary thermostatic incubator?

Biochemical incubator is an artificial environment control device that is often used in agricultural research. The biochemical incubator only has the function of temperature control, and does not have the function of “constant humidity”, so many people will The ordinary constant temperature incubator is confused, so what is the difference between the biochemical incubator and the ordinary constant temperature incubator?

Functionally, the biochemical incubator is a precision environmental device that can replace the ordinary constant temperature incubator. It can be used for both cooling and heating. Generally speaking, ordinary constant temperature incubators heat up, but cannot be cooled. Therefore, this makes the application of biochemical incubators wider. Of course, the biochemical incubator is only a constant temperature control within a certain range, that is, fluctuations in the set temperature range (if set to 25 degrees Celsius, it will fluctuate between 24.5-25.5), the temperature control range of the general biochemical incubator is Between 0-50 ° C.

In the scope of use, biochemical incubators are also different from ordinary constant temperature incubators. For example, the biochemical incubator is suitable for scientific research, colleges and production departments such as environmental protection, sanitation and epidemic prevention, drug testing, agriculture and livestock, and aquatic products. It is a special thermostat for water body analysis and BOD determination, cultivation, preservation, plant cultivation and breeding experiments of bacteria, molds and microorganisms, and the constant temperature incubator is suitable for scientific research and industrial production departments such as medical and health, pharmaceutical industry, biochemistry and agricultural science. For bacterial culture, fermentation and constant temperature test.

In practical applications, whether to select a biochemical incubator or an ordinary constant temperature incubator to carry out the experiment is still determined according to the application requirements and the environment of the experimental area. If the culture temperature is higher than the ambient temperature, the general incubator can be used if the culture temperature is low. At ambient temperature, a biochemical incubator must be used. Also remind everyone that biochemical incubators and ordinary constant temperature incubators are all electrical equipment. Before use, please pay attention to electricity safety after use.

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3. Local high temperature or charring of oil product is avoided, ensuring the quality of oil product and the heat transfer efficiency of heater.

4. The oil outlet inside the oil tank has the highest temperature, ensuring the fluidity of poured oil product.

5. Repeated heating oil product inside the oil tank is avoided, ensuring the chrominance of oil product and the cost of oil product processing is reduced.

6. Long service life, with functions of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance and fouling prevention, the integral performance of Heat Exchanger is enhanced greatly.

7. With advance process structure design, the oil produce can flow out smoothly and the bottom of tank be sucked perfectly.

8. Compact structure and convenient installation and maintenance ensure that the safety of oil tank would not be affected by the installation of heater. Compared with U-shaped Tube Heat Exchanger with the same area of heat exchange, the dimensions of eddy hot film heat exchange is only about half the external dimensions of U-shaped tube heat exchanger.

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