Gold-silver ore sorting characteristics

In addition to gold, gold - silver ore contains tens of grams to several hundred grams of silver per ton of ore. In the primary gold-silver mine, silver is often present in the form of snail-like sulphur-silver ore, deep red-silver ore, brittle silver ore, natural silver, sulphur- bismuth- copper- s

Trough feeder

The mining machine is divided into a trough-shaped mining machine, a pendulum feeding machine, and a disc feeding machine. Trough to the mining machine is widely used in chemical industry, mining, metallurgical, construction, mineral, carbon, coal industries, the material of the block sent from the

Power coal washing selection process and preparation

The principle of simplifying the process of washing coal power The task of developing thermal coal washing in China is extremely arduous, so it is necessary to seek simple processes and equipment with low initial investment and low operating costs. The basic way to simplify the process of heating

Influencing factors of flotation machine

Influencing factors of flotation machine We supply different type of Brass Compression Fitting. We are manufacturer and supplier of brass pex-al-pex coupling, brass PE-PPR coupling, brass push-in fitting, Brass Pex fitting ,PE compression fitting. Good price and service for Europe and America ma