The importance of crane boom

How a truck crane can carry large cargo depends on the boom, so the boom is the most important part of the crane. The principle from Baidu is that the crane is using the pulley at the top of the boom to support the winch wire rope. Heavy objects, so the rol

·America's review of new tire exporters in China

Recently, the US Department of Commerce issued a notice stating that the application submitted by Shandong Xinghongyuan Tire Co. Ltd. on February 25, 2016 will anti-dump the Chinese passenger cars and light truck tires. Countervailing new exporters review and file investigation. It is understood t

Development status of aluminum alloy cables

After the 1960s, Western countries took the lead in the development of alloy power cables. Canada, the United States, and other countries in the West have also popularized their applications. This kind of cable was applied to construction projects such as airports, military bases, office buildings,