See the history of the entire solar cell development

Looking back at the history of solar cell development, it can be roughly divided into five periods: germination period, climbing period, growth period, prosperity period and recession period. Budding period (1839~1955): The landmark event of this period was the discovery of the "photovoltaic

What is the function of the gearbox?

The car transmission, also known as the gate box, its role is to change the engine speed, increase the torque of the engine to drive the wheel rotation. When a car starts off, is heavily loaded, climbs a slope, or rides rough roads, it requires more torque

New energy vehicles accelerate to international market

According to the Hefei Daily News, during the London Olympics, the Ankai red open-top sightseeing bus that runs slowly across the River Thames remains in the memory of many people. The "Hefei-made" new energy vehicles headed by Ankai gradually went out of the country in recent years and

The structure and working principle of the mixer

The concrete mixer believes that everyone is familiar with it, but for the laymen, the main role of each part of the mixer is to do. Xiaobian found some information on the structure of the mixer truck and the relevant principles, and sorted out hopefully. It

Cheng Li Wrecker Carry-Up Procedures

Since it was engaged in the road wrecker industry, it has received more than a dozen customer calls and information applications for private cars every day. We wanted to write something to explain this in detail. I hope that there will be more customers in

Off * denitrification monitoring equipment market space

As the leader of smoke monitoring, Snow Dilong has maintained a steady development momentum. Demonstration of denitrification monitoring CEMS is booming, and with market expansion due to industrial boiler desulphurization and other policy upgrades, it is expected to bring more than expecte